About Esme


My name is Pamela Matheson. I am the designer and owner of “The Esme Original Jacket”.

Funny how the life path one chooses in the beginning will almost definitely not be where you end up. That was certainly the case for me. I began my working career in an advertising and marketing agency, which was perfect for me. As art director, it allowed my creativity to flow. And for the past 22 years, my husband and I have owned a real estate company in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia which has enabled me to sharpen my business skills.

I have always been creative and have always loved clothes. I have designed and sewed clothing all my life. Six years ago, I had made myself a jacket. When a friend saw it, she said, “I would buy that jacket if you made them to sell”. It was like a “Eureka” moment! I began thinking of the huge undertaking a clothing business would be, but rather than being frightened by the idea, I was excited. I would design a woman’s jacket and start a clothing business producing jackets right here in Nova Scotia. I was increasingly frustrated with the mass-produced, “cheap and cheerful”, throw-away clothing we see all around us. I craved quality and originality. My preliminary research indicated that my target market would be a woman between 40 and 70 years old with a desire for a quality product, comfortable and well fitting clothing. I was my target market!

I chose to create a fitted jacket as my first Esmé "original" garment because a jacket can make an entire outfit simply by pairing it with a dress, trousers, leggings or jeans. I spent almost 2 years designing, developing and perfecting the jacket pattern. It had to be perfect in every way. I wanted to be proud of my product and it had to be a garment that I would buy. I created and revised the pattern many times before I was satisfied with it and sewed many, many samples before it was ready to go into production.

The name "Esmé", is an old French girl's name. It's a soft, gentle name, yet strong and enduring, and that's what I want to portray with my jackets. I believe they have a classic look. I believe what makes the Esmé jacket special is the choice of unusual fabrics and the simplicity of design. Also, the fact that there are only a few made in each fabric creates a feeling of excitement and originality.

I don’t purchase any fabrics online. Instead, I get to travel to wonderful places around the world shopping for fabrics. I search for, touch and love every piece I buy - beautiful wools, blends, jerseys, cottons, alpacas and cashmere. And I buy in small quantities so only 3 to 5 garments are made from each fabric. I call them “Limited Editions”.

I am energized by colour, texture, unusual patterns and I let the fabrics take top billing. I’ve realized that no matter what the garment is, it’s the fabric that makes the statement. And it’s my deep and forever love of fabrics that keeps me inspired. With endless ideas and energy, I introduce something new to the Esmé Collection several times a year - like the fun Pullover Jacket which is loose fitting and casual with a large droopy pocket in the front, large enough for keys, wallet or a puppy; the Esmé Poncho and the very popular Swing Blouse which complements every figure. This season I have introduced “The Shorty Jacket” which will pair perfectly with Esmé high-waisted trousers or layered and worn with jeans.

I am constantly receiving hugs and emails from happy customers. A recent email from a lady who visited me at a show said she couldn't stop thinking about my “beautiful jackets”. She had recently bought a pair of glasses that she said would match perfectly with the lemon yellow and black leather jacket. She had to have that jacket. I laughed when I read her email thinking how funny she was, but truly, I would have done the same thing!

Visit me at my studio at 9846 Main Street in Canning, Nova Scotia, or give me a call (902) 582-7555 or email: esme@glinx.com.

Hope to see you soon, Pam